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Growing our own vegetables in the garden can be so much fun and offers us a healthy wholesome way to get more nutrition in our diets. Flowers around the yard are so beautiful to look at and the aroma they put into the air is so wonderful.

We can all grow a garden, some may only have room for a pot or two and some may have acres but we can all enjoy planting our favorite flowers and vegetables and sharing our rewards with family and friends.

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  Check this out...we got one of these Aero Garden By Aero Grow in Black this summer and we have really enjoyed the lettuce varieties for making fresh salads. We planted the gourmet herbs next and I have had so much fun adding the fresh herbs to our favorite recipes. This is a wonderful gift for anyone that loves watching plants grow and eating fresh grown produce. When one garden is spent you get to 'plant' another garden of your choice. The grow lights are wonderful especially on dark cloudy days, makes you feel like you have an extra window in your house where the sun always shines everyday.
Aero Garden by Aero Grow Herb Seed Kit
 Aero Garden by Aero Grow International Basil Seed Kit





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